Who is AAUW?

The American Association of University Women advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.  AAUW is partnering with Praxair, WTS, Baxter, UB’s School of Engineering, and many others in Western New York to provide this opportunity.

 Who is invited?

Girls in grades 6 to 9 are invited, plus those in grades 10 to 12 for the on a Roll program, which includes SAT prep and workshops.   Adults are also invited.  Students may already have an interest in science, math, or technology; or, this may be a great way to open up new possibilities for a student.  Students should be interested in learning & ready to have fun for the day.   There are also specially planned activities for parents, teachers, counselors, youth leaders, and other adults.

Important Safety Note: Attendees may not wander around campus; attendees are restricted solely to buildings where assigned Tech Savvy activities are in progress and must follow the directions of all volunteer staff and workshop leaders.

 I’m a student.  Why should I attend?

Math and science can be fun and interesting!  This is a great chance to meet professionals– many fabulous women– who can share information on their careers.

Also, you’ll meet other young women who share your desire to change the world!   At the end of the day, you’ll have knowledge and special prizes that will help you on your road to purpose!

I’m a student.  How many workshops will I take?  Will I attend my favorite workshop? 

You will participate in two (2) tech savvy workshops plus the College Corner activities.  Write the number of your top five (5) choices.  If your choices are full, we will place you in another exciting workshop.  (We think all workshops may help you discover careers that you may not have considered before!)  Be sure to indicate all choices and send your registration in before the due date.  Last year, all students who gave five choices and who registered by the due date received workshops that they had selected.

Please note that students must attend workshops at the times assigned– no switching.  In order to be fair to all, it is not possible to accommodate entire groups in the same workshop at the same time.  Requests for a specific workshop at the same time as a specific other attendee will not be honored.  Remember, workshops are a great way to meet new friends!

In the College Corner, you’ll get a chance to gain admission to Tech Savvy University.  You’ll also earn a raffle ticket for a chance to win a free computer.  Most importantly, you will meet college representatives and learn what’s needed to apply to college!

We also have Savvy Skills workshops, where you will have fun learning some skills like negotiating, presenting your opinion, interviewing, and critical thinking! Cool!

I’m a parent, grandparent, or guardian.  Why should I attend?

We all know that women definitely can succeed in technology-related careers.  However, society often sends messages of “pink careers,” discouraging girls from math and science.  The adult workshops will offer the chance to discuss these issues and provide practical information and resources on helping your child to be Tech Savvy!  You’ll leave the day with more tools to help your child succeed! (Please note that parents do not attend student workshops.  Student workshops are designed to provide a learning opportunity for small groups.) There are also fabulous prizes for adults.

I’m a teacher, counselor, youth leader, or other interested adult.  Why should I attend?

You already know that it takes a village… Join us for the day.  Besides the opportunity to discuss the issue with other professionals and parents, you’ll leave with valuable research, new perspective, and resources to help you promote equitable education for all students.

There are also fabulous prizes for adults.

I don’t have transportation to UB’s North Campus.

Shuttle service is provided by the University at Buffalo from the South Campus to the North Campus.  (Also, parking is provided at both campuses.)  Shuttles will leave the South Campus at 8:10 am and will return from the North Campus at approximately 5:00 PM.  For planning purposes, please indicate on your registration if you plan to take the shuttle.  In order to discourage no-shows, the $1 fee guarantees your shuttle registration and will be returned when you arrive at the event via the shuttle.

How do I register or get more information?

There are two ways to provide registration information.  You may complete the registration form on-line.  Alternately, you may register by completing form in this brochure, detach, and mail. Either way, you must mail in your online confirmation or the hand-completed form along with the $5 fee to the address listed. If you register online, you must send the form and payment via mail within one week of your online registration or your registration will be cancelled.

Online registration is preferred in order to increase accuracy of information, and those who register online will be eligible for a special prize drawing.

Each year we reach capacity.  The conference is limited to 800 participants; so please register early.  For info before the week of the conference, please call AAUW and leave a voice mail at 559-3037 Calls will be returned as soon as possible. Please note that this is a voice mail system. We cannot return calls on the day before and day of the conference. Before the day of the conference, you can also email us at aauwTSWNY@cs.com. Also, check the website at http://www.aauw-nys.org/buffalo/techsavvy-info.htm to get more info.

What is the registration fee & when is the registration deadline?

The registration fee is $5 and is non refundable and non transferable.

A limited number of scholarships are available in cases of financial need.  If financial need exists, please send a letter indicating the need for a scholarship along with your registration form.  Registrations must be received for processing before the conference.  The number of registrations often exceeds the number of students accepted, so register early.   The registration deadlines for individuals and for groups are noted on the registration forms.

Note: The brochure represents the program schedule, activities, and speakers as of the time of printing.  The conference details may change without notice.