Tech Savvy for High School Girls (Girls on a Roll)

About Tech Savvy… for 10th  – 12th Grade Girls
Tech Savvy Girls on a Roll

 So, you’ve attended Tech Savvy as a 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th grader?

Or perhaps you’re in high school and thinking seriously about your future.

In either case, Tech Savvy has something just for you.

Very soon, you will be ready to go to college. And we’re here to help you stay “on a roll”!  You are invited to join us for a special set of activities for high school girls.

We will offer an optional full SAT practice exam for those who have not yet taken the SAT.  While this may not seem like fun at first, your time and preparation will be worth the investment.  We offer the practice exam at no charge, administered by The Princeton Review.

If you’re not taking the SAT Practice Exam, there’s also a lot planned for you. This year’s “on a roll” program will also contain enhanced workshops just for you! You’ll start prepping for college.  And, you’ll enjoy a lunch with your peers!

And there will be a few special prizes at the keynote session (just for 10th – 12th grade girls!).