Tech Savvy for Middle School Girls

About Tech Savvy … for Middle School Girls:

STEM WORKSHOPS: This year, 2018, we have 20 fun, hands-on workshops in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) so that you can meet role models, learn about careers and STEM principles, and plan steps for successful preparation. Robots and rockets, gingerbread houses and makeup, candy and ice cream… It all involves STEM  and we have fun covered!  The descriptions are available HERE. Be sure to read through them before you register!

SAVVY SKILLS WORKSHOPS:  Look forward to brightening up your own skills that will lead you to success!  Your afternoon workshops will help you build skills that will take you into college and through life… this year with the help of some of our favorite past keynote speakers! 

THE COLLEGE CORNER:  Every year, the College Corner changes just a bit to help you prepare for college…. In a fun way!   

PLUS… There are fun games, lots of things to take home, friends to meet AND new skills to build. We look forward to seeing you at Tech Savvy!