Tech Savvy Theme

In 2017, for Tech Savvy 12, we’d like you to help us to let everyone know that Tech Savvy Girls are uniquely themselves—and that is A-OK.

Tech Savvy Girls:
Absolutely, Amazingly, Authentically YOU!

This year, Tech Savvy Girls can take a lesson from rainbows.

Each rainbow is unique—and amazing. And, so are Tech Savvy Girls! 

Tech Savvy girls know that careers in math and science are Absolutely A-OK for them. 

Tech Savvy girls are amazingly smart and confident… They can achieve their dreams with hard work! 

Tech Savvy girls are A-OK too! They are authentically themselves. In fact, the uniqueness of each Tech Savvy girl helps her to solve problems and help others in ways that no one else can. 

Tech Savvy girls don’t have to change themselves to be amazing! You already are!

In fact, the absolutely, amazing, authentic YOU will change the world! 

So are YOU the absolutely, amazing, authentic you?

We bet you are! You’re a Tech Savvy girl!