Tech Savvy Workshops


Note about Allergy Alert: Many workshops may make products.  Please utilize care and observe your allergy/health concerns in all workshops! Students are advised to bring any products home to parents before consuming.

Read through all of them before you decide!

Workshop 1                            Engineer This!
Discover how your unique ideas could make you a great engineer, learn about the different fields of engineering, and see how quickly you can engineer a tower.
Dan Snitzer and Christina Pinzone, both Process Engineers at Praxair Inc. 

Workshop 2                           It Starts with the Sun
Syn -> Biomass -> Useful Materials!
Learn about biomass processing … and how the sun’s energy helps in the production of useful polymers that help us all everyday.
Paschalis Alexandridis,  Distinguished Professor, and  Marina Tsianou, Associate Professor, both of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University at Buffalo

Workshop 3                          Robotics that Fit Your Life
In pthis workshop participants will do two activities: First, you’ll work together to program a robot to solve an interesting problem. Then, you’ll explore with computer science & engineering undergrads how computing touches the activities/hobbies/interests that YOU have!
Carl Alphonce, Dept of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Buffalo & Team (Kris Schindler and Jennifer Winikus)

Workshop 4                          Your Fav Genes: Putting the Puzzle Together
Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans. Learn about genes in this fun chromosome identification exercise!
Ann-Marie Block, PhD, FACMG, Director, Clinical Cytogenetics Laboratory, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Workshop 5                         Beauty inside and Out! (Compounding Beauty)
Think cosmetics are simple? Think again? Those products that color, mask, and brighten all involve a lot of chemistry—and you’ll learn this from a smart chemical engineer who knows girls’ brains are as beautiful as their smiles! You just may be the creator of the next line in cosmetic WOW!
Amanda Ye and team from the UB School of Pharmacy

 Workshop 6                        Fix It: Repair Your Own Computer
Got a computer that’s on the fritz? In this workshop, you’ll learn about critical parts of old electronics and how to fix and replace failed parts.
Sara Behdad, Assistant Professor and Lora Cavuoto, Assistant Professor, both of Industrial & Systems Engineering, University at Buffalo 

Workshop 7                       Pharmacy Phun!
Pharmacists play an invaluable role in healthcare as medication-use experts – guiding the proper use of life-saving prescription medicines and helping patients get the best results from their medicines. This fun interactive workshop will show you how pharmacists’ interactions with other healthcare professionals and patients truly save lives.
Jessica N Isaac, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy Services 

Workshop 8                       Ice Cream, anyone?
Learn about cryogenic gases, cold temperatures, and the wonderful role temperature plays in creating a tasty treat!
Ana Arevelo

Workshop 9                      Gingerbread Geometry
Math skills are SWEET! As you construct your own “gingerbread” house, you’ll learn a lot about how math makes all things come together!
Dalar Nazarian

 Workshop 10                  Candy Land
Chemical engineers process chemicals and make– and improve– just about everything around you. In this workshop, learn about what polymers are and how we use them in our everyday lives. We will also learn how to make gum drops, a polymer that you can eat! (Note: Allergy Alert)
Ines Stuckert

Workshop 11                  BFFs: P and T
Tech Savvy Girls know the importance of good friends. Learn about the important “friendship” between pressure and temperature in this fun new workshop!
Uma Ramasubramanian, R&D Development Associate, Praxair, Inc.

Workshop 12                  Forensic MeteorologyWeather Works!
Think meteorology is just for the TV personalities? On-screen weather forecasting is an important role… but there is so much more… forensic meteorology, climate change, meteorologist for private companies, utilities, transportation, and private consultants. There are even special event forecasters. Take a new look at meteorology and you may find a new career just for you!
Judith Levan, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Buffalo Office, National Weather Service 

Workshop 13                  I have good sense!
How does the brain gather information? Learn about the different sensory systems we use to gather information about the world around us.
Kathryn Medler, Assistant Professor of Biology, SUNY Buffalo

Workshop 14                  Merrily, we float along!
Learning how grease clogs develop—and can be prevented– in sewers has never been so sweet! With the help of cookies and chocolate, you’ll keep things floating along – and learn about protecting a valuable public system.
Rosaleen B. Nogle, P.E.., Associate Engineer & Chief of Sewer Maintenance, Buffalo Sewer Authority

Workshop 15                  Say “Cheese”! The Science and Technology Behind a Healthy Smile
Learn about dentistry as a science and a profession in a fun and interactive presentation.
Dr. Elaine Hennie Megna, founder of the Future Dentists Mentoring Committee, and a team comprised of members of the Future Dentists Mentoring Committee

Workshop 16                  Oooh, Oooh, ZOO!
Do you love the zoo? We bet you do! Learn about zoological careers in this fun workshop led by our own local treasure, which happens to be the third oldest zoo in the country!
Led by Lisa Thibault and a team from the Buffalo Zoo

Workshop 17                  Model Rocketry
On May 25, 1961 President John F. Kennedy set the United States on a course to the moon that lead to Neil Armstrong taking “one small step” in 1969. Since then, space exploration has overcome many challenges through the innovation, imagination and creativity of many great engineers. Your first step to becoming part of this wonderful world of exploration is understanding of how to achieve space travel. Your career possibilities are guaranteed to “take off” as you build a model rocket.
Eileen Scannell, Rockets to Robots in a Box

 Workshop 18                  Smart Design: Cars that Drive the Future!
Wow, what a way to go- go-go! Learn about how YOUR needs are factored into the design process—and how technology makes it easy for more people to get around safely and efficiently—and to do what might have seemed impossible!
Coordinated by Sara Behdad

Workshop 19                  Soaring into the Future
Ready to fly high? Your team will work together to design paper planes and fly them toward a target.   Let’s see the quality and accuracy of your team’s design as you all reach high heights in STEM!.
Kristy Lindner, Laura Brown & Jonathan Thomson from Baxter Healthcare Validation group

Workshop 20                  Wow! I can do THAT too?!”
So… tell us. In what careers are you interested? We bet there’s a link to STEM. Come and find out what STEM jobs may be in YOUR future, based upon your personal interests!
Dalanda Jalloh & Jamie Wilkes from Baxter Healthcare