What People Say about Tech Savvy

Here’s what Tech Savvy girls in their lives said* about Tech Savvy:
Glad I came… Now I think of science and math differently.
I might come here for college.
Feel more empowered like I can do anything…
This really helps girls to understand.  Thanks (AAUW) for understanding us.
I liked it so much & I think people can learn from this.
I did not know that much, and I discovered that women should be… because we have so much we can do.
This was the best educational (program) and fun to learn about all these fields and studies.
More fun than I expected
This is my second year… Wish this was open to 15-18 year olds.
Didn’t want to come, now I want to come back
It was perfect.
College Corner was fun
Good & helpful
Love this program- helped me bond with different (people) I’ve never met before.  Thank you.
You rock!

*Comments were summarized from actual feedback received after Tech Savvy  programs.