What to Expect

I’ve registered!  What’s next?

Everyone will receive a reminder card during the week before the program.  Reminder cards contain time, directions and shuttle inforamation, as found in the brochure.  Reminder cards will be mailed via postal service to the address listed on your registration. They cards are reminders only; you do not need to bring the card in order to attend the program.  Reminder cards may be delayed due to postal delivery or weather conditions.  However, don’t worry:  If you have successfully registered, additional confirmation is not required.

No stress: The information in the brochure and/or the reminder card is all that you will need before the conference.  You will receive your workshop assignments and materials at morning registration.

Reminder cards may also contain a note that we are missing information for you.  If this is the case, please bring this information with you to the conference, as this information is required in order for you to attend.

It’s Tech Savvy Day! What do I do?

  1. Either take the shuttle from the South Campus of the University at Buffalo or park in the Furnas Parking Lot on the North Campus and head into the Student Union.
  2. On your left will be the registration area. Look for “your” line – there will be several lines for girls grades 6-9, one for girls grades 10-12 and one for adults.
  3. Pick up your nametag and “string”, a totebag and a program. If there’s a problem with your registration (missing permission form or payment), there will be a special card in the nametag stack – you’ll have to take that to the “questions” registration table.
  4. After picking up those materials, STUDENTS pick up t-shirts at the t-shirt table AND PUT THEM ON! If there are extra t-shirts, adults may purchase one later.
  5. There are three separate schedules for the entire day (girls grades 6-9, girls grades 10-12, and adults) and they are all listed in the program. At some point during the day, each group will divide up for workshops – yours will be listed with both name and location on your nametag.
  6. Enjoy the welcoming ceremony and then head off for an exciting day becoming more Tech Savvy!